IT&E | EBB Program

What is the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program?

The Federal Communications Commission has launched the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program to help alleviate the financial strain caused by the pandemic. The program is part of national efforts to connect households to work, information, education, and other critical services available online.

The program provides eligible consumers with $50.00 in assistance per month for Mobile, Home Internet or a Data-only plan and a one-time discount of $100.00 for one tablet per household. This benefit is limited to the applicant only and cannot be transferred to another person.

Am I eligible for the EBB Program?

You may qualify if you meet one of the following:

Visit National Verifier  I'm already qualified 

Get started

EBB is available both for New and Existing Residential and Lifeline Customers

Existing Residential Customer

Apply at or call the National Verifier at 833.511.0311. IT&E does not determine eligibility.

Existing Lifeline Customer

Current Lifeline Program Subscribers must give IT&E their National Verifier information and consent to get the Emergency Broadband Benefit Discount